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10-22-2010, 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by Valias
Actually, the Sovereign-class is canonically a "Type 2 Explorer".

Which is why she was put on diplomatic missions instead of fighting in the Dominion War.

This is Starfleet. Not the Terran Empire.
You know, for a "type 2 Explorer" she manages quite well as the federations flag ship and a brutal advisory in combat. If I'm not mistaken, she is also one of the only classes to have a Quantum torpedo tube, some of the most sophisticated weapon systems, and a design that is far more suited to engagements and combat then even the more luxurious galaxy class.

I guess the federation loves to negotiate like this

I am surprised that they didn't field more sovereigns to the battle field, as they were far more powerful then a standard Galaxy class. Thought both had the same number of phaser arrays at first the Sovereign was later given an extra four. However the Galaxies only had two photon tubes, while the Sovereign had 1 Quantum, and 3 photon fore and 6 photon aft tubes to fire from.

I have the feeling that the reason they never showed up in fleet battles was becasue they didn't have the access to the models. DS9 did have a transition from physical models to CGI. also of note it was Santa Barbra Studios who did the CGI for the Sovereign and ILM who did the CGI work DS9.

That is what I found though.