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10-23-2010, 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by Dakota2063 View Post
You know, for a "type 2 Explorer" she manages quite well as the federations flag ship and a brutal advisory in combat.
Very true - though most Starfleet ships are equally well equipped for exploration and defense, I suppose the Sovereign might pack an extra punch for being even more independent, thus able to hold her own even when out of range of any fleet support (such as in deep space exploration).

Originally Posted by Dakota2063 View Post
I am surprised that they didn't field more sovereigns to the battle field, as they were far more powerful then a standard Galaxy class.
That had surprised me as well. I mean, sure, keeping the Sovereign away because she's meant for exploration is a good excuse - but didn't the Galaxy fulfill the same role? Weird.
Or it was because the Galaxy was deemed "replacable" as Starfleet may have planned to have a new line of Sovereigns succeed them, mhmm. But a mere 25 years would surely be too short for this.

And I totally knew it was that video even before clicking it. Had to be.