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10-23-2010, 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
Actually, the Sovereign-class is canonically a "Type 2 Explorer".
I wonder where that information is from.

Originally Posted by Valias
That had surprised me as well. I mean, sure, keeping the Sovereign away because she's meant for exploration is a good excuse - but didn't the Galaxy fulfill the same role? Weird.
I never heard that the Sovereign was more capable to do exploration missions than a Galaxy.
As far as we know the Sovereign is more a Battleship with exploration capabilities, while a Galaxy is more a Explorer with Battle Capabilities... i hope you get my point.
What i wanted to say is, that there was place for both ships.

Originally Posted by RevanIRL View Post
The reason that the sovereign was not used during the dominon war was because in reality the producers only wanted it to appear in the movies. They did not want it to be shown anywhere else.
Thats exactly what i thought.

On topic: Yes i think too, that the Sovereign should get some kind of improvement to make it superior to the T5 Excelsior.
Maybe one more Tactical Console and the tactical Ensign Station should be replaced with a Lieutenant Station.
But lets not forget that the Sovereign is nearly 40 Years old. (which is still 80 years newer than the Excel.)

By the Way, i think that the Star Cruiser, should get at least one more tactical Console and a Ensign Tactical Station more too.
I know the Sovereign is supposed to be more offensive, but i think that the Star Cruiser Classes should get more Offensive Capabilities too. Because it looks damn Cool.
(I think it is one of the very few Designs Cryptic did rudimental in the right way.)

I hope erverybody can read my english.

Thank you for reading.