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10-23-2010, 08:19 AM
Originally Posted by Yreodred
I wonder where that information is from.
According to Memory Alpha, it's from the official ship poster that was released with the start of First Contact.

Makes sense, anyways, seeing that all Enterprises so far had a similar role.

Originally Posted by Yreodred
As far as we know the Sovereign is more a Battleship with exploration capabilities, while a Galaxy is more a Explorer with Battle Capabilities... i hope you get my point.
What i wanted to say is, that there was place for both ships.
I get your meaning, but I don't see why the Federation should give Picard a ship that is geared for a different mission than his old one, and then send him on the same missions. And making the flagship of the Federation a "battleship" would surely be a PR disaster for diplomatic relations.

I think the idea that the Sovereign was built for war simply stems from the way she was used in some soft canon computer games such as SFC, Armada or STO - and of course because her armaments were appropriately impressive for such a large and modern ship.
And lastly, of course it's probably also a bit of wishful thinking. I maintain that Starfleet's primary purpose is exploration (emphasized by its political issues with the Defiant), hence my general stance regarding Starfleet battleships or carriers - but naturally there'll always be people who just think this stuff is "cool", and so we end up with vastly different interpretations of canon. Matter of taste/opinion.

The Sovereign is certainly stronger than its predecessors - but no more than the 1701-D was to its predecessors. It's an ongoing upgrade without a change of focus, at least imo.

And your English is perfect, don't worry.

PS: I also agree that the Sovereign should feel stronger than the Excel, simply because the latter is an older design. I dislike the idea of having old ships perform as good as new ones (and so I dread the idea of a T5-Connie or even NX).