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10-23-2010, 12:10 PM
hey spidermitch, i recently ran into a good load of data for your charts, starting off below:
maybe you could put the icon for dual cannons below the dreadnought cruiser? along with the other weapons it can equip?

i noticed that on the Fed weapons firing arc section, on the upper ship graphic, the torpedo launcher lines up with the plain cannon's 180 firing arc, when it should be 90 firing arc. when you next get to it, maybe you can place the torpedo launcher across from dual beam banks, and under the dual heavy cannons?

recent events have changed a few things. for one, the total hull strength has been increased for the Deep Space Science Vessel and the Negh'Var Battle Cruiser (+3,000 for both). for the other, the Vor'Cha class now has a costume variant for it (available in the c-store)

i also found some of those hanger stats you wanted see below:

the Vo'Quv Carrier has 2 hanger bays (port and starboard), and can support the following in each bay (but only one choice per hanger bay):
Klingon Fighters, 3 launched every 30 secs, for a max of 12 per launch bay
Klingon Bird-of-Preys, 1 launched every 45 secs, for a max of 3 per launch bay
Klingon Shield Drones, 2 launched every 45 secs, for a max of 6 per launch bay (self and friendly targetable)
Klingon Syphons, 3 launched every 45 sces, for a max of 9 per launch bay

in addition, i found that the Kar'Fi Carrier has 1 hanger bay (not sure where...), and can support the following in it's bay (same rule for the Vo'Quv Carrier):
Fek'Ihri Fighters, 4 launched every 30 secs, for a max of 12
Fek'Ihri Frigates, 1 launched every 45 secs, for a max of 3

and this general info about the launched ships, if you need it: attack ships require an enemy ship within 15 km, and when the enemy is destroyed, they attack the current targeted ship or land inside if there are no more enemies
support ships require a friend within 15 km, and will follow their target and support it. if the supported ship is destroyed, the supporting ships will return to the carrier

i hope i didn't miss anything, but then again i did give a lot of info for you good luck with the charts!