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10-23-2010, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by CWRicheson View Post
True, but this is a ship skin not a new ship. The ship, which is little more than an assault cruiser from fed side, now allows Klingons five different ships to choose from at end game. This is more akin to having to buy the options for the Assault Cruiser.

Feds have a larger base of options. No one in this thread has put forth the argument that players of the Klingon faction should never be required to purchase items.

Please, characterizing a different viewpoint as "rage" isn't helpful to the discussion. It characterizes your opposition as being childish and unthinking, yet those making an opposing argument recognize such a tactic for being the inability to actually put forth an argument that it is.

I help fund the Klingon faction every month through my subscription fee and my purchase of C-Store items. If anyone thinks this item goes to a special Klingon fund then I believe they misapprehend the situation. The Klingon faction is meant to be a second viable faction, yet in reality the current state of Klingon gameplay is appropriate for an alpha or early beta of this rushed game. What is at issue here isn't the C Store but the fact that Klingon content is being released in a pay form when the faction remains woefully underdeveloped.

I definitely agree that the future is looking brighter than the present for the faction. I'll reserve praising the company for fleshing out the faction until after that has actually happened. Some new ships, even if it seems they are little more than repackaged Federation ships, are appreciated. However, this future addition in no way changes the fact that the Federation faction has many ship customization options available while the Klingon faction has very few.

Sure you do. Characterizing one group in the discussion as "whiners" is your decision to both interrupt and insult others.

Your argument is that if we do not purchase the Vorcha skin included here we will not receive additional Klingon content. I don't think that's at odds with the other arguments presented, however. I agree that if no one purchases it Cryptic may not add more. I do know, however, that if everyone does purchase it (and I suspect they will) then the company will continue to ask Klingon players for more money to update the faction to a status less than what the Federation had at launch. The income stream from game purchase, monthly subscription, and other C Store purchases should already be a reasonable compensation for continuing to develop the other faction.

Finally...someone who gets the point!!!! yay for critical thinking