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10-23-2010, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by Nemex View Post
Selling ship skins for ships which already have 3 options -> I'm fine with that
Selling a ship skin for a ship with ONLY 1 default skin -> bad move... there should be 3 options for every ship in the game for free (like for federation ships).
Even the Negh'var and some other klingon ships got a 2nd skin for free... now you start to sell even the 2nd one... REALLY BAD MOVE!
This is the heart of the matter.

The die is cast; if this maneuver is successful, the chance of KDF (or Romulan, or whatever eventually comes, or future Starfleet) ships getting any customization at all without premium fees (not free, nothing in the game is free) will be negligible.

Originally Posted by schipani
I got it, and i found that the two parts with the triangles on it are not even attached to the ship.
Oh and THAT is truly hilarious.