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10-23-2010, 05:50 PM
Originally Posted by Andor View Post
You do know there are ways to find cloaked ships now?

Federation players form the fed ball and just sit there and expect the klingon's to attack them.
Well guess what klingon's get sick of having to play the same dam game every time.

You have the nebula class now, you have sci ships why dont you come find us or is that to much work for you. I know it makes you nervous to leave the safety of the fed ball but sometimes you going to have to do more then just expect Klingon's to charge in giving you nice big targets when we decloak.
i get at most 15 seconds of cloak detetection at 10-12 km away. when you can sit and watch up to 25km away and wait for that too end (can only get that once every 2 minutes) then get back within firing range.

i dont mind cloaking, i love finding klingons, but if your not near me i cant find you. what do i do then? wander off alone all by myself in t he hopes of bumping into a klingon player thats not paying attention to the big disk flying his way? and also hope that group im with can get to me in time to help me when i get ambushed for wandering away from the ball?

please, enlighten me with your mighty words of wisdom. -grabs a pen and paper and waits-