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10-23-2010, 06:06 PM
If we are not near you then maybe you should move.

The problem is the feds think its the job of the Klingon to just dive in and die for your enjoyment but sorry this is a game and sometimes you have to work for you chance at a kill.

The federation is stronger ship for ship and their defenses are stronger it is not always in the best interest of Klingon's to just focus fire on one ship in the ball because you and I both know they can be defended from the worst fire storms the Klingon's can bring. So instead of just playing the same boring, can the Klingon break the fed ball game , why don't the feds try using a few more powers that they have and actually try hunting the Klingon's for once.

Sure you might have to send out more then one scout and there is a good chance one of them might die but there is also the chance that they will find at least one Klingon and will be able to take them down or keep them out of cloak (side note: there are powers that keep a cloak from working.) long enough for your beloved fed ball to get there and take down those Klingon.