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10-24-2010, 03:33 AM
Thanks for fixing the height of the saucer on the Polaris model in the latest patch. This does fix the problem of seeing through a hole in the back of the saucer. The Polaris saucer might have been lowered too much as it sticks into the Comet hull right above the deflector dish.

Now we just need fixes for:

Luna, Sol, and Comet pylons to not touch the Polaris hull.

Sol Saucer is also to high but not as much as the Polaris saucer was. This is a problem when using the Sol or Luna Mission Pods as the Sol saucer touches the bottom of them. The Impulse engines are too low on the Sol saucer and lowering the Sol saucer would align them better to match the other ship saucer/impulse alignments.