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10-24-2010, 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by Dondaddyd View Post
Design aside, which is poor, this long awaited ship seems lazy... and then to charge for it seems wrong.
I must disagree. I love the look of the new 'Tor'Kaht' and judging from the number I see flying around, so do a lot of people. Certain in my fleet the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Moreover to charge less than the price of a coffee for it does not seem excessive.

Its a game divided so almost any increase in the quality of one faction is likely to improve the gaming experience overall. And the KDF is where this effort is needed most.
I certainly agree with that. Fortunately K side does not need the large number of levelling PvE quests the Feds have, we just need the rest filled in and the niggling annoyances removed like, to list just a few...

- Less choice of ships (which will soon change, thank goodness}

- We get 'lite' versions of Fed missions (Ambassador beams over to our ship in one of the Breen missions Fed side.... Klingons get a dialogue box in space. You can use a trick to rescue captives from the Breen ship on Fed side... Klingon side you cannot...)

- Our tricorders look like Fed ones rather than Klingon ones and more importantly, they do not work

- Fed ship scanners locate objectives, Klingon ship scanners do precisely nothing

- The Feds get 200 day outfits the Klingons get nada

- The Feds get male and female TOS outfits, the Klingons get male ones and eventually the females can wear the... male Klingon TOS outfits

- Feds have a wider range of away mission maps (but at least we Klingons get our exclusive triibble hunts and best of all, the glorious Combat Gardening Missions )

- Feds usually get three or more customisation options per ship... Klingons get at most two and often none whatsoever.

- Zero Klingon 'off-duty' outfits and to add insult to injury, the 'off-duty' slot which at least allowed a wider range of combinations than the 'normal' slots are now porked for many people Klingon side and do not work at all.

Mostly small things but in aggregate, very annoying


Things like the Vor'cha, the new Vor'cha skin and the impending Orion, Gorn and Nausicaan ships are a big step in the right direction, and I for one do not give a damn if they charge, as long as we damn well get them.

Clearly Cryptic knows what they need to do.

They just need to actually do it