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10-24-2010, 08:20 AM
Introducing … “Daily Klingon Patrol: Deferi Space (11:00p EST)”

The time has come to introduce the Klingon counterpart to the Daily Federation Patrol of Deferi Space that we have been conducting each evening.

Whereas the Fed patrol starts @ 11:30pm (EST) and runs for 30 minutes, our Klingon brothers will run their version of the same patrol @ 11:00pm (EST) with enough time for our players to finish the one and still be able to participate in the other.

For those brave enough to join us each evening … QAPLA’!!!!

House of Rha (EST) — We are now trying to organize a set time each evening where players who need to run daily patrols can do so in the company of their brothers and sisters of the fleet. … afterall … lower ranks need the points and Lt. Generals need the emblems. Simply RSVP on the days you plan or think you might attend and PM someone else who has RSVPed for that day to decide where to meet.

This event is open to all our fleet members LT 10 and higher.