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Iota Pavonis read full details from BigRedJedi
1) Dark Echoes: Research potential supernovas (like Hobus) by traveling to several systems to analyze trace readings (possible enemies)
2) Tribute: Escort a ship carrying pilgrims to the Monument at Romulus; as not everyone in the Romulan Empire appreciates the attentions of these pilgrims. (Sometimes space mission, protecting the ship from Romulan and Reman attacks; sometimes ground mission, as the ship is boarded by Hirogen hunting parties, who hide in the monument.)
3) Prey: Hirogen hunting squadron ambushes your ship, and now you must fight your way free, before you are overwhelmed.
1) If It's Glowing, It's Probably Still Hot...: Successfully scan 50 sites for supernova remnants.
2) The Mayflower Compact: Successfully defend the pilgrim's vessels 20 times.
3) Careful, This One Bites Back!: Successfully defeat the Hirogen hunters 20 times.

Flavor: The ongoing investigation into the Hobus Supernova should be emphasized here, along with the opportunity to visit the shattered remains of Romulus. Additionally, the Hirogen Alliance with the Romulans should be a terrifying prospect for the Federation and its allies.
Omega Leonis
1a) Runa Penthe Uprising (KDF - ground, open PVP): defeat convicts before the federation can free them
1b) Runa Penthe Prisonbreak (FED - ground, open PVP): escort convicts to transport zone before Klingons can kill them
2) Qo'nos Tribunal (KDF): similar to FDC Firt Contacts but you're establishing the guilt of a criminal
3a) Nawlogh Defense (KDF - space, open PvP): protect Klingon listening outposts from Federation attackers
3b) Nawlogh Assault (FED - space, open PvP): destroy Klingon listening outposts.
4) Ketha Lowlands Warden: Cure infected monster dogs and targs
A Boy and His Targ: Cure 20 infected targ
A Boy and His Monster Dog: Cure 20 infected monster dogs
The Mines Are a Terrible Thing To Waste: recover 20 carts of dilithium from the Runa Penthe Penal Colony
Law & Border: Send ten enemy detainees to prison colonies
1 Fish, 2 Fish, FED Fish, Blue Fish: Defeat two federation captains in every tier in the Nawlogh System (open PvP)

Orellius (already in game)
1) Transport Ore: move Ore from Mining Station to Outpost
2) Repair Satellites: fix satellites while fighting patrols
3) Prisoners: free prisoners from Breen "officer exchange program"
4) Protect Mining Station:
Capital Punishment - Defeat Breen Flag Ships
Satellite Repairman - Repair 50 satellites

Pelia (read MustrumRidicully's full post)
1) Fluidic Space Installation: Starfleet/the KDF has decided to setup a small base in fluidic space as long as the connection between our universe and fluidic space still exists. Possible "submissions": - The nature of fluidic space is taking its toll. Repair a series of satellites that serve as early warning system. - A small group of Undine ships is on its way to the station. Intercept it. - The Borg are using a nearby quantum singularity to enter fluidig space. Stop them.
2) Pelia Supply Run: Guard a group of freighters on their route through the Pelia Sector. Borg or Undine might make an attack. One of the ships might suffer an engine failure. Get aboard and help repair it or along the route, help a civilian vessel by beaming repair supplies over.
3) Undine Fleet ("Competitive PvE")A large group of Undine ships has been detected by KDF and Starfleet listening posts. Klingons and Federation are en route to intercept them. Orders are to engage only Undine ships, but the Klingons see this fight as competition - whoever destroys 30 ships first wins. (Alternatively: KDF has the goal to destroy 30 ships, Federation has the goal to save 30 Gel'ki (or what was their name? Whoever scores first, wins.)

Pi Canis (read BigRedjedi's full post)
1) A Long and Winding Road: Escort convoys from enemy attacks. Success based on number saved.
2) Hunting the Hunters: A Nebula class vessel needs your help in establishing a Tachyon Detection grid to find foes.
3) A Good Day To Live: Assist colonists in evacuting an attacked system. Success is based on the number of evacuation ships that successfully are able to warp out of the system.)
1) ...And Pass the Ammunition...: Successfully escort 20 convoys to safety.
2) Look What I Found!: Successfully ambush the ambushers 20 times.
3) I Hate Moving Day!: Successfully save the evacuation ships 20 times.
Flavor: Emphasizes Starfleet's traditional role of defense, even in times of war. Helps the player to feel like they are contributing to the ongoing war effort.
Psi Velorum (read MustrumRidicully's full post)
Raiding Romulan Space Colonies (Potential Open PvP Zone): The Romulans have a space colony consisting of two asteroid bases and a large repair yard. KDF: Disable its defenses and beam their supplies aboard. Starfleet: React to a Romulan distress call and aid a poorly defended Romulan space colony against Klingon attackers.
Hirogen Hunting Grounds: Hirogen are using an uninhabitated planet as "hunting" ground for captured warriors of all races. KDF and Starfleet: Free the captures and take down the hunters.
Repair Listening Posts: The KDF and the Federation are operating listening posts along the Romulan border. One has just gone silent. You are sent to investigate. Potential submission: - Beam aboard the station and defeat the Reman saboteurs. - Beam aboard and repair the station. - Destroy the Reman ships gathering here.
Wildlife Preserver: Free 50 Captives
Regulus (large parts thanks to MustrumRidicully)
1) Into the Briar Patch: Evade enemy vessels by racing through the Patch.
2) Science Sation Ruben: Trade goods are being contaminated. Decon them.
3) Science Station Maro: Research new fields to contain anti-chroniton radiation.
4) Aid the Resistance/Fight the Resistance: Not all Gorn agree to the new Klingon leadership of their people. Some fight back, which lead to several skirmishes to a Klingon Task Force dedicated to keep the resistance down. KDF: Fight the Gorn and the meddling Federation ships. Starfleet: Fight the KDF ships attacking transports and defense ships of the Gorn resistance.
5) Scavenger Hunt (Potential Open PvP Zone): Starfleet managed to hold off the Gorn advance, but at a high price - hundreds of ships on both sides were destroyed, and rumors of Scavengers looting the debris field are abound. Dangerous weapons might lie in the debris. Scan the field for dangerous materials and beam it aboard before they enter the black market and are used against the KDF/Starfleet. Optional: Scavengers might actually appear and need to be fought off.
7) Gorn Patrol: Feds: Intercept a Gorn Raid that is attacking a Federation planet in the Regulus Sector Block: KDF: Supervise a Gorn Raid as it is attacked by Federation ships.
Br'er Rabbit: Destroy 10 enemy vessels without firing on them directly.
A "Delicatassen" Situation: Decontaminate 25 foodstuffs.
Bone Maro Research: Gather (20) Crusher Particles.
Spoilers of War - Find 50 Debris pieces.
Feds: My Scaly Friends - Save 50 Gorn evacuation ships.
KDF: Gorn Dundee - Destroy 50 Gorn evacuation ships.
Risa's Rodents: Tag five Sehlat cubs that are threatening local wildlife (Commander_Stipe)
Andorian Ice: Find and deactivate 5 thermal devices that are melting Andoria's mountains.(Commander_Stipe)
Curtain Call (Fed): Orion raiders have kidnapped the Federations foremost a Federation Performer. (thanks Commander-Stipe)
Vanilla Ice: protect either 20 aenar or 20 ice worms during Andorian Ice

Zeta Andromedae (thanks to MustrumRidicully)
1) Locate the Terran Empire Invaders: 3 Randomly determined star system report sightings of Terran Empire ship. Fly to the system, conduct a search, and if you find something, engage them. Scenarios: Terran Empire ships alone, Terran Empire ships attacking civlians, Terran Empire engaging Trueway. The scans would be made in sector space normally, only when there is activity, you enter the map. A good way to re-use all existing space maps for the sector.
2) Aid Cardassian Military: Things get confusing as the Cardassian Military itself engages Trueway ships.
Terraforming Maintenance: Perform the regular maintance operation on the Terraforming installation in this Sector Block. (basially a repeatable version of an existing patrol mission that I think was set in this sector.)