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10-24-2010, 02:35 PM
To me what we have is good. But I it would be great if the ranking system was different in that is actually portrayed a career from beginning to middle and so on. I like the idea of starting as a captain and then only your Boffs having to scale ensign to commander. It makes sense. As it is now you are already commanding crew and ship from the very beggining ... as a LT. Another guy in another area in the forum had a good idea too. We start as cadets on a ship that will someday be ours to command. Then we get promoted to Lt. second grade? (is that the other rank there?) then to Lt. His emphasis was that it actually takes time to get promoted. However long it takes for one rank, the next takes double or longer the time. As a cadet you are under Admiral Winters comand doing things for him, until you reach ensign and gain a post on a ship which one day you will command as CAPTAIN. That was his thing too. SO on the ship as ensign you complete missions handed down by your captain until the war breaks out that plunges you headfirst into the captains chair. Not until you reach those other ranks first though. Either idea from you or the other guy if he reads this I cant remember his name.. is good.