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Omega Leonis
Runa Penthe Uprising (KDF - ground, open PVP): defeat convicts before the federation can free them
Runa Penthe Prisonbreak (FED - ground, open PVP): escort convicts to transport zone before Klingons can kill them
Qo'nos Tribunal (KDF): similar to FDC Firt Contacts but you're establishing the guilt of a criminal
Nawlogh Defense (KDF - space, open PvP): protect Klingon listening outposts from Federation attackers
Nawlogh Assault (FED - space, open PvP): destroy Klingon listening outposts.
Ketha Lowlands Warden: Cure infected monster dogs and targs
A Boy and His Targ: Cure 20 infected targ
A Boy and His Monster Dog: Cure 20 infected monster dogs
The Mines Are a Terrible Thing To Waste: recover 20 carts of dilithium from the Runa Penthe Penal Colony
Law & Border: Send ten enemy detainees to prison colonies
1 Fish, 2 Fish, FED Fish, Blue Fish: Defeat two federation captains in every tier in the Nawlogh System (open PvP)