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10-24-2010, 03:05 PM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
As a general rule I leave klinks alone in Ker'rat. Yet the day when I don't get bum jumped by some loser BOP pilot who engages when I'm in the middle of fighting Borg, only for them to end up on the losing side and evasive manoeuvre out of sight, cloak again, and attack again the moment I am re-engaged, is the day Gre'Thor freezes over.

What else exactly are these guys doing besides waiting to bum rush people? Some of us actually have drops to earn.
Yes, because federation players NEVER shoot at the lone Klingons zoning into kerrat, or ever think about attacking the lone klingon engaged against the borg, or that just decloaked to help them before they blew themselves up with too much aggro, and as a reward for blowing up one of the cubes gets attacked.

Of course, I do all of those things (zoning in uncloaked, decloaking next to feddies and engaging borg, etc) to compile a list of names whom henceforth and until the day they press delete are fair game to gank at the worst possible times