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10-24-2010, 08:09 PM
I'll agree the Klingon Carriers seem to be a bit OP'd at the moment, but my fleetmates are also reporting carriers that very squishy. I think best way to explain it is a mix of KDF characters going "oooh, look new stuff! seventy1!", and the "Don't know how to counter this, therefore must be OP'd" train of thought. Happens every time somthing new is released. Give it a few months, and if they are really OP'd, the devs will probably implement a nerf at the next update.

That said, two carriers who know what they're doing are very deadly. But instead of calling for your own carrier, develop a few new ways of dealing with them - remember, all those bops disappear once the big ship goes boom.

Alternatively, if you want to fly one of them, why not come over to the red side...