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10-25-2010, 12:54 AM
I like the idea. Ideally, I want that there are so many Dailies that it's impossible to complete them all on one day. So people can do whatever they like most (on any given day).

Beta Ursae
Wormhole Traffic Control
Rumors of criminals using the wormhole for illegal operations are abound, risking the fragile Dominion-Federation relationship. Help Deep Space Nine screen incoming and out-going transports.

Badlands Patrol
The Trueway is still using the Badlands as basis of operation and a way to connect to smugglers and weapon dealers. Patrol the Badlands and stop a meet-up between Smugglers and Cardassians.

Bajoran Listening Post Repair
An unmanned listening post along the Bajoran/Cardassian border has gone silent. Beam aboard and find the cause of the repairs. (Fun option: This could be random. Sometimes it might be an infestation of Voles, another day it might be a damaged energy coupling.)

Pelia Sector

Fluidic Space Installation
Starfleet/the KDF has decided to setup a small base in fluidic space as long as the connection between our universe and fluidic space still exists. Possible "submissions":
- The nature of fluidic space is taking its toll. Repair a series of satellites that serve as early warning system.
- A small group of Undine ships is on its way to the station. Intercept it.
- The Borg are using a nearby quantum singularity to enter fluidig space. Stop them.

Pelia Supply Run
Guard a group of freighters on their route through the Pelia Sector.
- Borg or Undine might make an attack.
- One of the ships might suffer an engine failure. Get aboard and help repair it.
- Along the route, help a civilian vessel by beaming repair supplies over.

Undine Fleet ("Competitive PvE")
A large group of Undine ships has been detected by KDF and Starfleet listening posts. Klingons and Federation are en route to intercept them. Orders are to engage only Undine ships, but the Klingons see this fight as competition - whoever destroys 30 ships first wins.
(Alternatively: KDF has the goal to destroy 30 ships, Federation has the goal to save 30 Gel'ki (or what was their name? Whoever scores first, wins.)