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10-25-2010, 01:24 AM
Gamma Orionis


1.) Battle at the Battle Group: The Borg launch an assault on Battle Group Omega. Federation and KDF forces join together to defeat several waves of Borg attackers, who are attempting to damage/destroy the Transwarp Gate. (Open Team Instance, available to both factions, can be 'lost' if the Borg destroy/severely damage the TW Gate.)

2.) Mostly Cloudy Skies: The Mutara Nebula has a long history of hiding strange phenomena, investigate anomalous readings detected inside the Nebula. (Random events inside: Deserted freighters, Borg patrols, space creatures, etc.)

3.) Resistance is... Inevitable: A Federation/KDF (faction-specific) task force, led by an advanced/experimental starship, was conducting operations against the Borg, when they were ambushed. Now, the task force has been nearly completely assimilated, only the crew of the command vessel continue to resist. Fight your way through the now-assimilated ships of the task force, then board the command ship to either save or destroy the ship, to prevent its technology from falling into the hands of the Borg.


1.) You... Shall Not... Pass!: Successfully defend Battle Group Omega and the Transwarp Gate 20 times.

2.) I Can See Clearly Now...: Investigate 20 anomalies inside the Mutara Nebula.

3.) No, You Can't Have Our Stuff!: Successfully rescue/destroy the command ship of the task force 20 times.

Flavor: Edges of explored space. Helps the player to feel the pressure that is constantly being exerted by the Borg threat; while also helping them to feel like they are actually capable of turning the tide, even in a small way.

Keep it going, this is a great idea!
-Big Red