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Pi Canis


1.) A Long and Winding Road: In the wake of the Klingon Scout Force, the KDF is dispatching small squadrons ('wolfpacks') of heavily-armed raiders to wreak havoc on Starfleet supply lines, far from the front lines of the conflict. Provide escort for one of the vital supply convoys, while fending off attacks from groups of these raiders. (Success is based on protecting a certain, minimum number of transports in the convoy.)

2.) Hunting the Hunters: The success of the new Tachyon Detection Grid, employed by Starfleet's Nebula-class vessels, has allowed Federation forces to turn the tables on the roving, cloaked KDF forces. A disabled freighter, being used as bait and transmitting a distress call, will, hopefully, draw the attention of a KDF strike group. A Nebula-class vessel, using Mask Energy Signature, is hiding nearby, its Tachyon Detection Grid waiting to help your vessel to ambush the predators, as you standby with the freighter, appearing to render aid. (The map would include an NPC Nebula-class, which you could hail to trigger its TDG on a shorter-than-normal cooldown; alternatively, the Nebula-class could trigger the TDG on a timed cycle, revealing the approaching Klingon force, and allowing you to have the first strike.)

3.) A Good Day To Live: One of the most unfortunate consequences of war is the effect that it can have on civilians. In an interstellar conflict, there often are insufficient resources to adequately defend all places at all times, thus, smaller colonies are often left to fend for themselves or evacuate in the face of the enemy. As a Klingon fleet threatens one such border colony, its inhabitants have (wisely) decided that it is better to flee than to try to fight; however, the Klingons strike just as the evacuation ships are lifting off from the planet's surface. Your ship/squadron is the only Starfleet vessel/s available to assist, and you must help to protect and escort the evacuation ships as they leave the system. (Evacuation ships depart in several waves, while progressively larger and stronger Klingon ships arrive and attempt to destroy both the transports and you. Success is based on the number of evacuation ships that successfully are able to warp out of the system.)


1.) ...And Pass the Ammunition...: Successfully escort 20 convoys to safety.

2.) Look What I Found!: Successfully ambush the ambushers 20 times.

3.) I Hate Moving Day!: Successfully save the evacuation ships 20 times.

Flavor: Emphasizes Starfleet's traditional role of defense, even in times of war. Helps the player to feel like they are contributing to the ongoing war effort.