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10-25-2010, 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by Warem
Yes, because federation players NEVER shoot at the lone Klingons zoning into kerrat, or ever think about attacking the lone klingon engaged against the borg, or that just decloaked to help them before they blew themselves up with too much aggro, and as a reward for blowing up one of the cubes gets attacked.

Of course, I do all of those things (zoning in uncloaked, decloaking next to feddies and engaging borg, etc) to compile a list of names whom henceforth and until the day they press delete are fair game to gank at the worst possible times
Hah... That is exactly what happened yesterday...

So I had just hit captain, bought some MK8 weapons (and a few consoles) on the exchange and threw those on my brand new Vor'cha, and headed to Ker'rat behind my uber stock mk6 shield - Just to test the BO loadout out (first try at a DPS cruiser)..

Apart from one Fed in a cruiser, I was attacked by every single one of them.. One cruiser patiently waited at 15k range, until I was engaged by a fair few Borg ships, and my hull were at some 60%.. Needless to say, I had been expecting that and were ready, result? He died without ever being a threat.. Next time I saw him, he was teamed with another Galaxy, and I attacked him again..

At the end of my test, I had died 4 times.. Killed 5 different cruisers a total of 14 times, an single escort 3 times (this escort guy, got me twice)

Considering all my gear save 2 consoles were white, that my shield/engine/deflector were the stock MK6 the Vor'cha are born with, Id say the test were successful.