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10-25-2010, 01:55 AM
Iota Pavonis


1.) Dark Echoes: The Hobus Supernova is still largely misunderstood by the scientific community, Starfleet wants to help alleviate this situation, as well as attempt to ensure that such a devastating event could not be repeated. Travel to several systems to analayze trace readings from the supernova remnant, and collect data for the Federation's top scientists. (Space and ground anomalies. May find Romulan/Hirogen forces in the systems where you are conducting research.)

2.) Tribute: Races and organizations from all over the galaxy journey to the shattered remains of Romulus, for a variety of reasons (philosophical, scientific, religious, etc.). Escort a ship carrying one of these groups to the Monument at Romulus; as not everyone in the Romulan Empire appreciates the attentions of these pilgrims. (Sometimes space mission, protecting the ship from Romulan and Reman attacks; sometimes ground mission, as the ship is boarded by Hirogen hunting parties, who hide in the monument.)

3.) Prey: The Romulan-Hirogen Alliance is a cause for significant concern for the other races of the Alpha Quadrant. Events like the one your ship is experiencing today are one of the primary reasons for such concern. A Hirogen hunting squadron has ambushed your ship, and now you must fight your way free, before you are overwhelmed. (Sometimes, a guantlet of Hirogen ships that you must blast your way through, sometimes, they successfully board your ship, and you must defeat them before they seize control of your vessel.)


1.) If It's Glowing, It's Probably Still Hot...: Successfully scan 50 sites for supernova remnants.

2.) The Mayflower Compact: Successfully defend the pilgrim's vessels 20 times.

3.) Careful, This One Bites Back!: Successfully defeat the Hirogen hunters 20 times.

Flavor: The ongoing investigation into the Hobus Supernova should be emphasized here, along with the opportunity to visit the shattered remains of Romulus. Additionally, the Hirogen Alliance with the Romulans should be a terrifying prospect for the Federation and its allies.