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10-25-2010, 02:20 AM
Eta Eridani


1.) Hold the Line: (New Fleet Action) K7/Ganalda Station is under attack by enemy forces. Rally to the defense of the station and help prevent the foe from scoring a decisive victory. (Alternatively, could go Open PvP, or be done inversely, where the player is a part of the attack on the enemy station.)

2.) Target Rich Environment: The battle lines are constantly changing in this sector, as both sides push and strive to locate and exploit any potential weaknesses in the enemy's lines. Installations of many kinds help to fuel the war effort of both sides, thus, they become priority targets for the opposition. Launch an attack on such an installation (communications relay, shipyard, supply depot, etc.) and lay waste to a vital enemy holding. (Space missions would be things like the comm relays, shipyards, etc. Ground missions could be included as part of that, or separate, infiltrating enemy bases to plant explosives, stealing data from comm centers, etc.)

3.) The Color of Money (is Gold): Even in times of war, the rare opportunities to relax are pounced upon by the men and women that serve on both sides. Travel to Drozana Station for a little well-deserved R&R. (Play at least X number of games of Dabo OR win X amount of GPL by playing Dabo, bonus for actually scoring a Dabo during the mission. Possible 'side' mission: Cheat/catch someone cheating at the game, which could lead to a brief confrontation on the station.)


1.) Can't We All Just Get Along?: Successfully complete the Hold the Line Fleet Action 20 times.

2.) Somebody, Set Us Up The Bomb!: Successfully destroy 20 enemy installations.

3.) I Named My Cargo Bay: Fort Knox: Successfully accumulate X amount of GPL/complete X number of Dabo games.

Flavor: Likely some of the heaviest fighting between the Federation and Klingon Empire would be in this Sector Block, where the war started. Having an active role in a major battle (like at K7/Ganalda), and contributing to the war effort, by destroying important targets, can add to the immersion of participation in the greater conflict. However, all work and no play makes for very dull players, thus, the opportunity to take a little R&R would be a welcome respite.