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10-25-2010, 04:40 AM
Done some PvP in the past few days on my KDF char. Tried out the shmexy new Vor'cha refit. One thing I noticed about the Fed players is that the majority of them are flying either Cruisers or Sci ships, primarily the Nebula. Those things are beamboats... so they do lack the DPS of the good old Cannon packed Escort. That's a big problem for the Fed side because they lack the overall DPS the KDF always has die to most of the KDF ships packing cannons.

I do agree draco all over the line tho, everytime a new piece of candy comes out the majority of the players leap on it like heck. The nebula is nice for PvP... unless pretty much all of your fellow players fly one then you're just target practice for the KDF ships.