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10-25-2010, 04:08 AM
First off, the problem is that until the Klingons' toys that can rival the Feds' they'll be sceptic because until recently it was like "when Klingons have it Feds must have it too, but Klingons have enough, all they should get is tooth paste. (No kidding!)

Second, I play more Klingon than Fed, but I think it's allright that the feds get a ship tha can carry fighters.
However the Klingon Carrier that is currently ingame is not just a modile hangar, it is also a mobile drydock and according to some of the first bits of information we got about it in magazines etc it also has medical facilities, groundtroops etc.
It is a mobile outpost, hospital ship, planetary assault ship and a carrier in one.
The Feds should get a ship with fighters BUT it should not be something like the Klingon version because the Feds would use it in a defensive capacity.
The Klingon version is a mobile invasion base, something Starfleet has no use for.

And one last thing: I resent racist garbage comments like
"I still wonder how the klingons would have the carrier and the feds not have one, considering as a race...Klingons on par are pretty stupid when it comes to creating their own technology."
When were they displayed to be stupid?
The average Klingon soldier is no more stupid than the average Redshirt in Starfleet that freezes in shock when he sees a cloud (TOS:Obsession) and mindlessly pulls his Phaser at a Klingon in the presence of heavily armed warriors (TOS:Friday's Child).
Klingons have scientists
They have Science officers in the KDF
And they know how to work with their technology (DS9:When It Rains...)