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10-25-2010, 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by Warem
Yes, because federation players NEVER shoot at the lone Klingons zoning into kerrat, or ever think about attacking the lone klingon engaged against the borg, or that just decloaked to help them before they blew themselves up with too much aggro, and as a reward for blowing up one of the cubes gets attacked.

Of course, I do all of those things (zoning in uncloaked, decloaking next to feddies and engaging borg, etc) to compile a list of names whom henceforth and until the day they press delete are fair game to gank at the worst possible times
Your sarcasm is not required, since I said nothing of what other feds do, I simply spoke of my own actions.

On a related note, I have helped plenty of klinks out of tough spots with Borg only for them to turn on me when it's over. Gee thanks. I have not once seen a klink do the same. Obviously I have yet to be in the same instance as you.

Besides, shooting at an enemy who is right beside you isn't exactly the same as stalking someone trying to earn their MK XII gear with little intention other than to grief their progress.