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10-25-2010, 05:49 AM
There are now some new bugs for the T5 Vor'Cha and its new C-Store variant.

Z3R0B4NG made a new thread on it, and to quote him:

Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
1: the "Mission Pod" is to far up, should be place lower:

2: whatever this thing is called, the polygons dont touch each other correctly, you can see a thin white or black line in the middle:

3: Federation Escape Pods... realy? plz remove.

4: windows on the Mission pod should be placed a few pixels higher, they are right over the edge.

PS: if you look at the HUD for a second, it would be nice to actually see a Vor'cha icon instead of a K't'inga one... but the ship icons are screwed up in the whole game, you can't even distinguish an Escort from a Cruiser in PvP just by looking at the icon, it allways shows the same thing. I know this was fixed months ago but it seems to have sneaked back in.
The last part he mentions, in regards to the ship icon, seems to be a little more complex. For some people its appearing with a K't'inga icon, for others like myself it appears with a Bird of Prey icon. Whether you get a K't'inga or a Bird of Prey may be related to whether you have the Vor'Cha or the new costume set as the default template, I haven't test that myself, but the Bird of Prey icon was in relation to the T5 Vor'Cha itself for me.