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Originally Posted by Roach View Post
and before that the enterprise has a history of being a wooden/ sometimes ironclad war vessel, private sloop, a racing boat, privateer even a Military air balloon during the American civil war, all well before starting its Carrier life as a training boat in 1935-1945. SO why is the two to three times it was a carrier so important?
The KDF resents the feds getting a carrier only because the feds are crying "carriers are OP" and now they may get one. Its not the wanting the carrier thats upsetting, its the fact that the feds seem find aspects of other races they like, cry and get whatever they want thats what many find upsetting.

History of the name Enterprise.
I am fully aware of the names of the various ships named Enterprise as well as the newest VSS Enterprise by Virgin Atlantic.

I can not prove this but I was once told directly by a DEV in game while they were playing along side us in Infected months ago that the Feds were going to get a carrier and it was on the drawing boards. So as far as I am concerned it is just a matter of time before We the FEDS get the carrier.

What I resent is the idea that the Klings refuse to admit there is a real imbalance to PVP where the carrier is concerned at this time. A step in the right direction was to give the defiant cloak and the reason I came back to the game. We can sit here and argue Canon all day long but in the end PVP has to be realistically balanced or one side will always have an advantage and the devs will forever be nerfing this or that to compensate.

If we the feds had a carrier ability and the klings did not I would endorse Klings getting one as well all for balance reasons.