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10-25-2010, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Sevenstarr
Key words are ON PAR. Simply put they are not known to be the sharpest tools in the shed and known to be a warrior race that does not does not have a stellar technological back ground. Not to say they don't have some smart ones among them....just not that many.

...Of course I am not saying you are stupid or people who play klings are stupid.
I take no personal offense from this, don't worry.
However when you think about the Klingons keep something in mind:
One of the strangest aspect of Star Trek is that besides the main characters, everyone
else usually appears to represent some kind of stereotype or is somewhat stupid.
Like the nameless redshirts in TOS or even in TNG.
A strong example is the fact that every time O'Brien left DS9 for a few days the station was
on the brink of breakdown.
I seriously doubt that EVERYONE else on the station is so incompetent that they can't fix the darn thing.
He must have left word what to do when something breaks down, instruction manuals, maintenance logs.
But appearently both Starfleet and Bajoran engineers alike must be too dumb to use them, or they are illiterate.
Same is the case with the Klingons that usually show up, at best they get a name and a few short lines and little else.
A direct counterargument to your assesment can be seen in DS9:"Sons and Daughters" where Worf's son and a Klingon officer with whom he had an unfriendly encounter in the mess-hall earlier went down to engineering to seal a leak in the impulse injector.
They did so calmly and took care of the issue without problem.
Afterward Worf's son managed to lock himself inside the room where he was supposed to put the tools.
The officer overrode the lockdown on the door in a typical professional manner.
No fuss, no shouting or growling.
As for the technological background, keep in mind the Klingons developed warp-drive on their own and began to explore the stars before they were conquered by the Hur'q so their technological background is not as bad as it may seem.

The 'average' Klingon can be seen in episodes like TNG:"A Matter of Honor" and he's actually quite friendly and observant: "You are not what I expected. [...] "You have a sense of humor."

So without holding a grudge or anything I'd like to have an example of the average Klingon being less adept at technology than the average Starfleet ensign.
But please make it one that goes beyond "everybody knows that..." because that's the kind of cliché I so very much dislike.

Don't mistake a lack of patience for mental inadequacy.
I've met a few loud, somewhat rough folks in my life that turned out to be not as foolish as they looked at first glance.
Klingons are pretty much like a bunch of football players and even with them not every cliché about how dumb they are is not true.:p