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10-25-2010, 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by Sevenstarr
Ironically 2 of the ships historically that the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was named after were AIRCRAFT CARRIERS.

Right now the Klngons are having a fit over the idea that the feds might get a carrier. I find it silly and very narrow minded of the Klingon players to fight something that is a natural progression of technology.

Historically Carriers have been and will be a major source of influence and power where ever they go in real life and in game. That is the nature of the carrier to get on the enemies door step with a ton of fire power and a mobile "airstrip" to strike at the enemy.
Historically, we never had space-faring vessels capable of conducting warfare in space.

Historically, there were long times when there were no carriers at all. That was because we didn't have planes. We were quite capable of building smaller boats, but no one thought it would be advantegous to carry a lot of small boats with cannons and send them to fight instead of the larger ship. Boats were used to get people on the ground or maybe get someone aboard another ship.

And that's exactly the situation in space. A small spacecraft can reach exactly the same areas a large spacecraft can reach.
The only reason to use small spacecraft is because you can't afford large spacecraft. Or your transporters are down and you need to get someone on the ground.