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10-25-2010, 11:48 AM
Regulus Sector Block
If I remember correctly, there is a lot of Gorn activity here.

Aid the Resistance/Fight the Resistance
Not all Gorn agree to the new Klingon leadership of their people. Some fight back, which lead to several skirmishes to a Klingon Task Force dedicated to keep the resistance down.
KDF: Fight the Gorn and the meddling Federation ships.
Starfleet: Fight the KDF ships attacking transports and defense ships of the Gorn resistance.

Feds: My Scaly Friends - Save 50 Gorn evacuation ships.
KDF: Gorn Dundee - Destroy 50 Gorn evacuation ships.

Scavenger Hunt (Potential Open PvP Zone)
Starfleet managed to hold off the Gorn advance, but at a high price - hundreds of ships on both sides were destroyed, and rumors of Scavengers looting the debris field are abound. Dangerous weapons might lie in the debris. Scan the field for dangerous materials and beam it aboard before they enter the black market and are used against the KDF/Starfleet.
Optional: Scavengers might actually appear and need to be fought off.
Possible Reward: Players might find actual weapons that they can equip their ships with?

Accolade: Spoilers of War - Find 50 Debris pieces.

Gorn Patrol
Feds: Intercept a Gorn Raid that is attacking a Federation planet in the Regulus Sector Block
KDF: Supervise a Gorn Raid as it is attacked by Federation ships.