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10-25-2010, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by P_Sutherland
scimitar launches fighters, breen have a carrier, dont know why but i can see the tholians having a carrier, undine have a ship that spawns the smaller ships at a rapid rate
All the Factions you mentioned are waring factions. Feds were never meant to have a carrier and Cryptic isn't giving them one. They have stated this as how they are going to proceed. Period!!! I for one am glad.
Feds need their own thing not to be like everyone else. Just Because they have we must have.
Instead cryptic will be working on better battleships and ships moving toward enterprise J type.
That is what all Star trek books and movies and shows have done. There is no mention of a carrier for Star fleet. They are a Faction of peaceful exploration. faction of war have Carriers