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10-25-2010, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Enterprise_J
The Klingons will always have the upper hand. They are a warrior race the Federation is about peace. They have hundreds of years of tech that the Feds don't have.
If the Feds were to get a carrier it would be different. It would be more about troop and ship transport, support.
Something more Defensive adding something more engineering and science like than tactical. That is how the Federation is. This isn't going to happen as no other faction is getting a carrier.
So you mean to say that the klings are technologically more advanced than the Vulcans, Telerites and other founding members of the federation other than humans? Hmm interesting. The game is pitched as a time of war...and you want to sit there and tell me that the feds would not develop a carrier to counter balance a threat such as the kling carrier? Really?