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10-25-2010, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Enterprise_J
They have hundreds of years of tech that the Feds don't have.
There I cannot quite agree - the Federation's strength is cooperation between the different member worlds, and whilst the humans themselves are fairly "new players" to the galaxy, the tech exchange within the Federation has leveled the playing field more than enough. In fact, the Klingon Empire actually seems to be on a lower tech-level, at least concerning overall development.

Then again, the Klingon Empire focuses a lot on weapons research, whilst the Federation prefers an equal approach, possibly even neglecting this sector. It does have a stronger economy, though. In a way, the Federation is like the Allies in WW2 ... they're not as prepared for war, but if they survive the initial onslaught and manage to mount a resistance they are much harder to put down than their opponents.

A littlebit off-topic, but yeah.