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You could put the link anywhere, you don't have to use the name, if you love purple that much.

Zeta Andromeda
This is Cardassian space but you also see a lot of Terran Empire ships here.

Locate the Terran Empire Invasors
3 Randomly determined star system report sightings of Terran Empire ship. Fly to the system, conduct a search, and if you find something, engage them. Scenarios: Terran Empire ships alone, Terran Empire ships attacking civlians, Terran Empire engaging Trueway. The scans would be made in sector space normally, only when there is activity, you enter the map. A good way to re-use all existing space maps for the sector.

Aid Cardassian Military
Things get confusing as the Cardassian Military itself engages Trueway ships.

Terraforming Maintenance
Perform the regular maintance operation on the Terraforming installation in this Sector Block. (basially a repeatable version of an existing patrol mission that I think was set in this sector.)

Alpha Trianguli
The only notable thing I remembered/found on Alpha Trianguli is that Empok Nor lies in that Sector Block. (And I first thought it was in Zeta Andromedae)

Empok Nor Reinstatement
Cardassia has sold the rights to use the abandoned Empok Nor station to a Ferengi trader. Ensure that he keeps to his contract and doesn't use the station for illegal operations. Scan freighters, or get aboard and talk with the crew and travelers passing through, take down a few Naucassians that are unhappy with the services rendered to them, arrest a known criminal.

Breen Slavers
The breen are still operating prison camps in various asteroid installation here. The Cardassian Military is ignoring this mostly. Search asteroid belts for Breen slave mines and free any slaves the hold. Also find information on who in the Cardassian government oramong the Trueway is secretly helping the Breen for a bribe.