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10-25-2010, 04:22 PM
Thanks for the FAQ, Stormy!

I'm just wondering about the "authors sharing content" question. It might not really have anything to do with that particular question, but that section made me remember my question.

I've been wanting to know if we'll be able to use costumes (both uniforms and ships) for NPCs in missions even if the person playing it doesn't have them unlocked. For example, I create some critters dressed in the 21st Century Formal Wear costumes, or space critters using the Comet's costume. Are there any restrictions on what is available for use? (I'm guessing we can't put the player into TOS unis, but I'm just curios as to what the limits are for the critters.)

I'm mainly asking because I want to try to recreate my favorite VOY and ENT shows (once the ENT pack goes live, of course).


(Looking forward to the Beta! )