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10-25-2010, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by Sopwith_Snipe
Yes it is. The ability to make currency hand over fist in an economy with limited resources leads to runaway inflation at the exchange. In order to combat inflation the devs can do a few things. Add influence sinks like a fee for using the exchange, standardize the prices at which things get bought by NPC stores, add currency sinks like mini games, tailor fees, etc that takes some of the currency out of the economy.
The only problem was that the items which could be sold were stackable, thus allowing for massive quantities to be shipped in a single cargo run.

If we were looking at items where only a reasonable amount could be shipped at any one time then there's no problem. It's not "instant free money" because you'd be looking at only a moderate amount of cargo that could be moved, for a reasonable profit, at the cost of the initial purchase of said cargo and invested travel time.

In a ship-based space game the inability to do any kind of cargo run is actually a hilariously obvious oversight.

Actually, if there were anything of worth that could be purchased with latinum I'd suggest that cargo missions should be latinum-based, since it would seem to make the most sense. And on that note... it'd be nice if there were something worthwhile that could be purchased with latinum. Limited vanity items alone don't quite cut it...