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10-25-2010, 07:20 PM
Well... the real deal was purchasing industrial replicators for 400 and selling them for 480. this was a 20% profit that made it an actually profitable enterprise. Depending on the size of your Cargo Hold you could turn a good profit for making a run.

Who could fault ANY player from making a cargo run for profit? Perhaps Starfleet frowns on it for using "Fed property" for personal gain. Perhaps Starfleet encourages commerce and trade in troubled areas so that "normal" traders will return inspite of the conflict.

There are many reasons for price fluctuations and hostile/depressed markets are ripe for profiteering. Having a "fixed" economy only hurts an open market buy placing unnecessary restrictions on free trade and discourages any kind of trading altogether.

Price fixing sounds to much like "Socialism" or "Communism" or worse yet "State Capitalism".

To me Star Trek embraced the concepts of free trade and supply and demand & the ability of one man to decide for himself what his ambitions and goals are.

I personally find it appalling that "someone" wants to hunt down and punish anyone engaged in "free trade".

Sounds like a Union strong-arm tactic. Maybe if Cryptic took a "cut" of the profits it considers excessive by implementing an EC tax based on credit intake only... then we would fix those evil people who make profit for themselves and give the EC to the needy players that don't have the time to actually play the game.

This, of course, is the only sensible way to deal with excessive profiteering by people who are so greedy that they will list ANY item for more then 1 million EC.

There is NO place in our Evolved Society for free trade or profit don'tcha know?

So, We will be implementing a form that all players must fill out for all characters listing all EC brought in during each month. A percentage of this number will be deducted automatically from all character accounts each month based on the level of the player and how many hours of game time is played each month. If there are insufficient funds for the "Fee" then all access to vendors will be revoked until such "Fees" are paid in full with an interest penalty.

This will provide the proper "Currency Sink" that is needed to properly regulate our economy and also help out "needy" players with a monthly "Benefit" that can be spent "Tax Free" at any vendor or the exchange.

Note that failure to complete any and all Required Forms or any intentional or un-intentional errors will be punishable by fines, play restrictions or confiscation of items or ships as deemed adequate by the appointed "moderator" whose decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

This is our future so we might as well get used to it... Do you find this Good, Bad, Offensive or Desirable?