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10-25-2010, 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by Sopwith_Snipe
Yes it is. The ability to make currency hand over fist in an economy with limited resources leads to runaway inflation at the exchange. In order to combat inflation the devs can do a few things. Add influence sinks like a fee for using the exchange, standardize the prices at which things get bought by NPC stores, add currency sinks like mini games, tailor fees, etc that takes some of the currency out of the economy.
You don't use the exchange very much, do you? The prices are already absurd as it is. All the buy-low-sell-high thing did was make some of the harder to obtain items available for those willing to drop everything and run freight for HOURS. Less than a million EC per run, and since best profit was from Sierra to Deferi the shortest route was Alpha Centauri->Sirius->Eta Eridana->Orellius, it takes just as long to use that method to buy one of the multi-million EC items on the exchange as it would to PVP or farm other items to sell for the EC.

This FEATURE that they're calling a bug should be put back in. It gives non-farmers and non-PVP'ers another avenue to generate revenue in about the same timetable.