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10-25-2010, 08:29 PM
This has the makings of a great idea.

The very top tier of ships could present a more "realistic" Star Trek feel. When they take damage, it is not trivial. They may need extensive repairs, materials, time, etc. Maybe damage translates to the interior as well.

This could open up new game play mechanics for repairing. There could be a new economic element for materials. Think of how much more time you could spend in the game (potentially having fun) as you work around your ship trying to repair issues. All this would be made even better if there were room for cooperation with other players.

Don't think that this needs to be as painful as Eve or PotBS. Maybe STO could leverage the interiors, BOs, and other unique mechanics combined with some mini-games. Just keep it from being tedious or repetetive.

I look forward to new gameplay elements in the future!

Edit: Naturally it's important to have the previous ships as a viable option in combat. They just might not participate in all the risk/reward scenarios of the top ships.