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10-25-2010, 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by praesius View Post
Because you could buy things from Sierra Starbase for lower-than-normal prices, but the item still has the same base value associated with it, so it would still sell at normal price to vendors. You could buy industrial coils at Sierra and sell at Deferi Outpost 3 for 80 EC profit each. Full inventory would net people around 580k EC per run. Nevermind that buying low and selling high is the basis of every in-game and real-world economy, and nevermind that people are just crying 'exploit' because they didn't know about it until after the patch so they're upset that they didn't make a ton of money as a freight hauler when they could have.
Ah ok. I really didn't notice that cause I dont buy the things like that (i.e industrial cells, communication equipment, etc) unless I need them for a mission. The ones I get from drops, I just sell the next trip to a vendor.