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10-25-2010, 08:43 PM
here is a list of features I may need in the foundry:

1. Ability to make map objects such as plants, rocks, alien devices A. cause damage or affect characters in positive and negative ways, especially when in proximity B. be able to be influenced by players, npcs, and player generated objects (such as a ground shield generator strategically placed over a ground object can nullify its effects) . same for space objects. (examples: use a repulsor beam to move an asteroid, or use the polorize hull plating to trigger a wormhole type event)

2. I have a mission idea where a player is outdoors, but needs to enter a building that is open to the outdoors.. like a canopy or gazebo type building. it would be nice to allow the roof to fade out in order to see inside, or have the camera auto adjust to follow inside.

3. might need swimming, diving, climbing, swinging, and crawling abilities added.

4. might also need capabilities that adapt to trap doors suddenly surprising the character.

5. may need digging abilities

6. i may need to have objects affect each other, along with the ability to combine objects. that is A. pick up 2 objects and put them together B. attach an object to a ground object (or push an object near another)

(i may request other abilities as i think of them)