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10-25-2010, 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by Dakota2063 View Post
I think the 11th movie puts it best. "Star Fleet is a Peace Keeping Armada"

I could go argue with the Space empire Simulations, but I think Q would be a better example. Remember the First Time Q introduces Picard to the Borg?(Q who) Do you remember the point Q was trying to make to Picard?

summed up, there are situation in which Picard and his "mighty Star Fleet" are not ready for, and that there are some Races out there that you can't solve with diplomacy.

I'll link a nice review about it, though it is very opinionated, but it does a great job of exploring both the Borg, the Q, and the films in general.
Hmm, the link didn't go through. but I think I found a much better review of my point.