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10-26-2010, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by BrooklynKnight View Post
Really? I mean, really? Dude, why is it every single post of yours I read boils down to one major thing, you wanting the devs to punish someone for doing something in the game you don't agree with.

It's one thing to ask for fixes to bugs or exploits that you feel hurt the game experience, that's commendable no matter what our differing opinion, but you keep asking that people get punished. People that are only trying to have fun. It's really really mean spirited man. That's some bad karma and juju.
It's one thing to stumble across a bug which benefits you unexpectedly. It's quite another to repeat the process to the point where you, and I quote, "made about 5 million EC off this. Others I spoke to made even more.". Please explain to all of us at what point, exactly, should common sense kick in and tell you that maybe, just maybe, you're involved in abusing an economy wrecking money exploit? Does it happen at 500,000 energy credits? One million EC? FIVE million?

Yes, people who abuse bugs and exploits deserve to be punished, because clearly common sense fails them and it falls upon developers to make it clear that exploiting in their game won't be tolerated. And it's important for them to do so because otherwise more and more players who siting on the edge of the morality fence start to believe in that it's safe to exploit bugs because the GMs "never took action against people who exploited the (insert bug of the month here)".

This isn't EvE online, and never has been. Anyone who suggests it's "normal" or "understandable" that someone in STO could make nearly half a million energy credits for moving their character from one sector to the next in 5-10 minutes time is being ridiculous - and frankly, insulting everyone's intelligence. What other intended mechanic has ever worked that way? Where else in this game can you make that kind of money that quickly, that easily, and with zero risk? People who abused this bug to earn millions of credits knew *exactly* what they were involved in: an exploit. And, yes, they should be dealt with. Abusing bugs is against the terms of service, which we all agree to when we play this game. Or were people forgetting that while they were busy counting their "earnings"?

It's not "mean spirited" to want exploiters to be dealt with. It's smart and necessary if you at all value the long-term health of this game.