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10-26-2010, 12:56 AM
Originally Posted by machocyclone View Post
If you are buying from a merchant and then selling to another for 60% value rather than 50% are you making a profit.

Buy Item A from Merchant A for 100 EC
Sell Item A to Merchant B (that buys at 60%) for 60 EC
Equals at 40 EC loss for you!!!

Now if you want to buy items in one place and then take them to Defari and sell them for 60% value...then that is on you and you are dumb cause you are lossing EC.

For you to make a profit:
Buy Item A From Merchant A for 100 EC
Sell Item A to Merchant B for 160 EC
That is a profit of 60 EC and means that Merchant B bought item for 160% of value.

I personnally have not seen anywhere (execpt Exchange) where you can sell an item for 160% value.

Now if the item was a drop..then it really wouldn't matter if you sold it for 60% or 50% cause either way you are making a profit.
The vast majority of items in the game have this price structure and of course you are right even at a 60% of base price you would be losing EC. But there are a few commodity items where you can buy at 100 and sell to the regular 50% vendors at 100 - or in the case of the pre-patch Deferi at 120 - a 20% profit. (Acutally the worst offender was a stackable item that could be bought at 400 and sold at 480). While this mechanic can work in games that are designed for it (Elite or EVE for example) - this game was not designed that way.

But I would suggest that the bug was with the items with the odd pricing structure, not that Deferi would pay 60%. If they were fixed there would be no problem - just a bonus for people who were prepared to travel to sell their loot.