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10-26-2010, 02:45 AM
We probably can't add them as "Dailies", can we. I also doubt we can "randomize" parts of the missions - so BigRedJedis idea of Terran Empire heists would require a different mission for every ship they steal. Of course, that's purely speculation on my part, I might be wrong and UGC can do more then I think.

All my knowledge about the Sector Blocks and what is going on their is based on the missions that took place there, not really on the show. I don't remember those names ever listened.

It seems a bit as if we we lack Dominion/Jem'Hardar storylines, and we haven't looked specifically for Diplomacy XP missions.

Alpha Trianguli
An independent changling is impersonating persons on a planet, stealing money and commiting fraud. Ask the witnesses and suspects and find who the Changling is... And if it really was the Changling?
(An example for a mission that could use some randomization, akin to the Diplomacy Content stuff. Different clues lead to different NPCs turning out to be a Changling, and in some cases, there is no Changling at all, in others he is actually innocent and someone else just hired him under false pretenses to blame him later, and in others it's not a Changling but an Undine!)

Revenge is a dish best served ...
The Trueway hasn't forgotten the Klingon war against them, and is eager for revenge.
... immediately (Federation Variant): Stop a Klingon retaliatory strike against non-Trueway Cardassian* vessels.
... cold (Klingon Variant): Stop a Trueway assault on Klingon civilian ships and supply vessels.

Food Specialist (both sides): Save 50 civilian vessels from destruction.
Master Chef (KDF): Destroy the Trueway lead assault ship (Dominion Flagship?) before it retreats 50 times.
Master Chef (Starfleet): Save the Cardassian (a Galor?) lead defense ship 50 times.

*) Optional: There could be a dialogue option where you can ask the Klingons to retreat from the attack since those they attack are civilians and not associated with the Trueway. There might be 3 such "prompts" for dialogue (maybe once as you enter, once as you destroy the first ship group, and once after you destroy the second), depending on your level in Diplomacy you can succeed on the third, second or even the first try, and have the KDF retreat, earning diplomacy XP.