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10-26-2010, 05:42 AM
Originally Posted by ErisTheVorta View Post
All I would like to know is if the special item vendors will be selling stuff to you properly again after the patch. Thank you.

As for my hopes: Please no new bugs after this patch, we've had it three times in a row before, so it would be nice if there would be a bug-free play time at least before Season 3 release in early December. ^^
bug free play time that's a joke.

Rules of online gaming - No game is bug free

Originally Posted by david26th View Post
You'd think it was rocket science really wouldn't you? To be honest I wish they'd just put out one time zone (UTC - Coordinated Universal Time funnily enough) and work from that. Failing that put a link in each post to something such as

It really is that simple, it's so frustrating that something like this is so regularly cocked up - it's beyond funny now.
Uh, unless you live in that time zone it's more complex than you think. All Cryptic staff are employed in california (PDT) so yeah they have to do conversions regardless of if they just posted UTC or not :p Also, they haven't messed it up in awhile (And even then it was more so people thinking GMT was BST).