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10-26-2010, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by jawz786 View Post
Just an update to everyone interested in this bug fix, this is my latest reply from Cryptic Support;

Greetings, Thank you for providing more information on this issue with the colors being linked for your bridge officer uniforms. We will need to file your ticket your ticket as a bug report so this issue can be looked into. While we understand you would like us to be able to resolve your issue quickly, some issues require further development from departments outside our control and cannot be resolved by a GM. Please rest assured that our developers work to resolve all bugs as quickly as possible. Thank you for playing! GM Selaphiel

Seems like a brush off to me, ie we know its there but we are going to focus on Fed first and look at it if we have time.
Well, last time, they went ahead and filed it as a bug report for me then told me that nothing would be yeah, it's a fed first ideology...To tell you the truth, it's really starting to annoy a great number of people.