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10-26-2010, 08:09 AM
Yay, bad attitude is a classic of PvP gaming, and over the internet in general. I guess it's just that the fact of having the "shield" of a screen and a keyboard and the inherent impossibility of being met by a solid haymaker to the jaw just brings out many people's true nature.

It comes with the game...I honestly never look at the zone chat in PvP. I try to play fair and behave accordingly - it's just MY inner nature, and I know it doesn't go well with the thing.

In one of my last games, I was "mocked" by some idiot flying a cruiser who kept coming after me. Each time he's go down to like 15% hull and then turn on RSP, run away and heal. At the end of the game, he went on with a "you can't kill me, sucka!".
I still don't know if he realized that my lowly Luna class had forced his mighty Excelsior refit into retreat over and over again.

Most of these people are just plain idiots who, for a reason or the other, just think it's their right to be AHs online since they can't be in real life, otherwise they'd be beaten up, sued and jailed, not necessarily in that order.

This behavior takes different forms depending on the game: in STO, all you can do really is to be abusive over the chat. In other games, they become plain griefers by say killing allies or pushing other cars off the road.