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10-26-2010, 09:36 AM
I'll add in some ground PvP advice though there have been some other threads out there on it. I'll start off with some basic ground pound 101.


1)Hypos: Self heal and will remove fragile holds for 3 seconds (30 sec cooldown 15 sec global)

2)Shield Charge: Self shield heal and removes "expose" for 3 seconds (30 sec cooldown 15 sec global)

3)Power cell: Self damage buff and removes weapons malfunction (30 sec cooldown 15 sec global)


1) WEAPONS: Too many to list them all here but they all fall into 2 categories, either "expose" or "exploit". hat is "expose" and "exploit"? read on I will talk about this in the next section. In general Rifles are long range, assault has mid range and pistols have short range. right click on a weapon and select info to get detailed information about it, also in the info you will see in yellow either "expose" or "exploit" to the side of the secondary attack letting you know which kind of attack it is. I will leave it to you to decide what weapons you want to use since there are so many to choose from.

2) ARMOR: Pretty basic, armor will reduce incoming dmg to your health (not shields) by a % amount but like all resists in this game it has a diminishing return. This means that for instance if you had armor with 25% resist you may only see your character resist go up about 13%. The biggest part of armor are the different mods on them if they are green/blue/purple. Again not going to list all the armor or the mods here, use your head and get something that works to your play style.

3) SHIELDS: Have a set amount of damage they will absorb before failing and then allowing all incoming damage to hit your health directly. A small amount of damage will go through your shields while they are up.
You must be out of combat and taking no damage for 3 seconds before your shields will begin to recharge.
Again mods from the quality level of the shields are what can make or break your play stayle so find what works for you.

4)KITS: Each class has its own array of kits and each kit is directed at a certain role in a group be it support healing, support utility, damage, crowd control etc. I won't list them all here as the kit is what makes your class and you need to get to know it and there are specific forum threads for this.

"Expose" and Exploit":

O.K. first "expose" doesn't mean going into combat naked and "exploit" doesn't mean cheating

Remember what I said about weapons either being expose or exploit ( also you have expose powers from kits and racial traits ), well here is where that comes into play. An expose attack will put an orange target on an opposing player's body ( has a % chance to work ). This has both an audible notification as well as the visual to let you know someone is "exposed" and now you want to use an "exploit" attack to finish them fast. When you use an "exploit" attack on someone that is "exposed" it will do massive damage and often will kill them in 1 shot. Having trouble targeting someone that is "exposed" to get that "exploit" shot off? Hit the "G" key by default to target the nearest "exposed" object/player.

Sprint / Crouch / Roll:

1) Sprint ( shift by default ) will not only make you run faster but it also gives you a dodge and avoidance % bonus.

2) Crouch ( "C" by default ) not only gives a dodge and avoidance % bonus but also gives a damage buff

3) Roll ( double tap direction by default ) also gives a dodge and avoidance % bonus.

What is dodge and what is avoidance? You know the right questions to ask

1) DODGE: Reduces incoming damage by a % amount

2)) AVOIDANCE: Has a % chance to completely make an attack miss you.

Crouch gives the lowest dodge/avoidance bonus but it lasts as long as you are crouched and you get the damage buff. Sprint has a higher dodge/avoid chance than crouch and lasts so long as you are sprinting. Roll has the highest dodge/avoid chance but only is in effect during the roll.

Combat tactics:

COVER: Quite simply, you aren't rambo so don't stand out in the open for too long. Take a shot or 2 then duck behind a wall or other object to break line of sight ( LOS ). This will allow your shields to regen so you aren't letting the enemy attack your health directly.

FLANKING: Attacking someone from the side or behind greatly increases the damage you deal to them so use it whenever ya can and don't forget to use cover!

TEAMWORK: Stick together, don't go wandering off thinking you are going to flank the other team alone and be a hero. Know what other professions can do and what their kits do, this will allow you to be a better team player.

Well time for me to go put some of this info to practical use, may expand on this more on another day. If any upcoming ground pvp'er wants to chat pm me here or in game @couladin.